Things I've made trying to put my dent in the universe.

A list of projects I've worked on, I'm working on and I will work on.


Projects I currently work on.

  • Logo of Live feedback

    Script that allows you to share feedback with your development team in real-time, right on the website.

  • Logo of Bentisca

    About 22 handcrafted social media bento cards thanks to Double Glitch's figma design and dynamic card icons using SimpleIcons.


Projects I worked on. Due to nature of internet businesses not all of them are still online.

  • Logo of Sittly

    A simple launcher like Raycast or Alfred for Linux(gnome).

  • Logo of Clippis

    Another offline, cool looking, comfortable, clipboard manager.

  • Logo of gnome-dbus-api

    Grew as a need for Sittly Launcher. A rust library to interact with low-level gnome DBUS API.